We're really big music fans. Our store is always filled with the wonderful sounds of the music we carry and we do offer a huge selection of difficult to find, worldly artists and musical genres. If you're looking for the CD's of a particular artist, or if you're looking for CD's which fall under a certain category of music, we would be happy to suggest titles and artists which may suit your tastes.

How many times have you purchased a CD or cassette only to find it wasn’t what you were looking for? If we have it we will play a demo for you. We sell the music that you hear while you are shopping in the store. We have access to a vast amount of hard to find titles and artists that we will gladly special order for you. As a bonus if we don’t have it and you prepay you can get 10% off!

The top 10 radio plays don’t have to be the only music you can find. Everything from Angelic harps to Zen meditative music is within your access, including Native American flute, drumming, massage, relaxation, nature sounds, World beat, Celtic, Latino, Middle Eastern, African, Didgeridoo, Chanting, Goddess, New Age ambience, and much more!

Books on tape are a great way to learn as you drive. We offer tapes on just about every New age topic.

Email us or better yet... call us for free at 1-877-2NEWAGE to chat about the kind of music you enjoy. We'd be happy to share with you what our latest favorites are too.


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