A History 

Windows of Light – Angels Forever  first opened its doors in September 1987 at 612 W. College Avenue  as the first new age/metaphysical store in the Fox River Valley. It was owned by Beth Karish. In 1990 it was purchased by two sisters, Polly Maiman and Jill Buckmaster and relocated to 229 E. College Avenue. Several investors then lent a hand before we purchased it in March of 1996 and added the name Angels Forever.

In May of 2001 we expanded and moved into a newly remodeled building located at 310 W. College Avenue. Our mission is to facilitate and inspire the community to follow their path by providing the necessary tools to accomplish their journey. We are proud to have carried on this philosophy for the past 25 years! We continue to carry and special order everything from Angels to Zen. We also offer special events and psychic readings.

The 2012 Downtown Business of the Year Award

Presented to the business that stands out from the rest and captures the admiration of the downtown community for their ability to continually represent the spirit downtown through their innovation, fortitude and reputation.

30 years of business for the 2012 Downtown Business of the Year

Angels Forever – Windows of Light

Unique Items for Mind Body and Spirit

Owners Nate and Deb Weyenberg

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A Human Link on the Web

There are literally hundreds of stores like ours on the Internet World Wide Web these days. We realize that. Our site distinguishes itself by providing you a human link to everything we sell in our store. And a human link is something rarely seen on the web these days.

What do we mean by a Human Link?

It is so hard to get a human voice on the phone when you have questions or need answers. Most website businesses run automated technologies like shopping cart applications to minimize the need for human contact in selling their wares. They are not interested in developing a human relationship during their transaction. The less human their transactions are, the higher their profits become.

Our business values human contact, especially in matters of customers acquiring items that have potentially deeply meaningful and spiritual value to them. When you call us, on our dime (our Toll Free number is 1-877-2 NEW AGE), during our posted business hours, you're guarenteed to reach a human being who not only has a deep understanding of the potential meaningfulness and uses of the wares we sell, but is passionate about discussing them with you.

When you call us, you won't get a phone menu or a minimum wage worker who has no idea what you're asking about. What you'll get is someone who reads books and magazines on spirituality and world religions and enjoys discussing them. What you'll get is someone who passionately travels the world to bring unique and beautiful artifacts to your fingertips. What you'll get is someone who personally seeks to heal and nurture people by providing helpful information about body, mind, and spiritual health, world religions and spiritual traditions, history and culture. What you'll get is someone who believes in establishing human relationships as part of their business plan.

Our website will, in time, provide the typical shopping cart experience for those who want it. But this will not come at the price of human contact. It is our solemn goal to provide you not only with high quality merchandise, but with people you can easily reach who intimately understand the purpose and benefits of their wares and who enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience with those who are seeking answers.

If email is a more convenient venue for you to chat with, you can also reach us at our  email address,   find us and become a fan by clicking on the facebook icon


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Angels Forever/Windows of Light
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Nate and Deb and everyone at Windows of Light - Angels Forever.