We carry a full line of aromatherapy resources including essential oils by Nature's Alchemy. Essential oils are highly concentrated, volatile, aromatic essences of plants. In living plants, essential oils may perform more than one function, part of the plant's immune system in some cases, and simply an end-product of metabolism in others. Essential oils contain hundreds or organic constituents, including hormones and vitamins. Essential oils are 75 to 100 times more concentrated than oils in dried herbs, and a few drops will create the desired effect.

In understanding what essential oils are, it's important to understand what they are not: some plants, like jasmine and rose, contain very little essential oil, so their aromatic properties are extracted using a combination chemical solvent/steam distillation process. This results in an Absolute. Absolutes contain essential oil along with other plant constituents and are used for fragrancing cosmetic products like fine perfumes. Synthetic Fragrance Oils, made possible by recent advances in chemistry, are produced by blending aromatic chemicals derived primarily from coal tar. Although they duplicate the smell of a pure botanical, they are not suitable for aromatherapy and are instead used to scent crafts, potpourri, soap and perfume at a fraction of the cost.

We believe Aromatherapy practitioners need pure essential oils of the highest quality.

Eye Pillows
The refreshing Eye Pillow provides welcome relief to those suffering from headaches, insomnia, or puffy eyes. Filled with an aromatic blend of herbs and made of a luxurious satin, it relieves puffiness and tension by combining gentle, cooling acupressure and aromatherapy. The Eye Pillow should be stored in your refrigerator or freezer depending on how cold you like it. Great for use after a tense day, long hours on the computer, or just to cool you to sleep in the summer heat.

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